Why are the constellations useful and for whom?


According to Bert Hellinger, the constellations work on the level of the soul. They go deeper than the rational mind and any psychological analysis.

A constellation is a recreated model of the family and it allows us to find out what events or people from the past, even a few generations back, affect our lives, and how.

Family system constellations allow us to deal with:

• Unconscious mechanisms that motivate our existence
• blockages and beliefs that we have since birth
• "entanglements" from loyalties we might carry to our ancestors.

Many different kinds of issues can be explored in this way, not only familial:

• Challenges in communication, in life, work, or relationships
• Diseases and emotional or mental disorders
• Professional and organizational (business) issues
• Parental difficulties
• Internal conflicts of the personality

Constellation work is useful for:

• Clarifying and improving relationships in intimate, family and work relationships
• Finding the “right” place in life, gaining strength and ability to act; reconnecting with resources
• Bringing awareness to a current health situation

helping in cases of divorce, separation, departure through death, etc.

• in case of self-doubt or inability to make a decision on a personal or professional level;
• For improving relationships with children and supporting the whole family
Constellations cannot replace either medical or psychiatric treatment, even though they are therapeutic.

The solutions brought about through this therapy work bring relaxation and understanding. When respecting certain order and unspoken lows directing the family soul, then love can flow freely.

Naturally, the success of family constellations depends on the degree of openness of the client, how much he/ she can face, to what degree they can integrate the new level of awareness. A constellation made out of curiosity or a problem that is not really important to the client will be rather superficial and will not have an impact. This can also happen if the client remains emotionally distant and attempts to interpret the constellation in a rational way.
­ In this sense, family constellations are not a magic pill to achieve amazing results. It is also desirable to avoid having too high expectations. What can be realized and what the person will integrate is a very personal journey in the process of his growth. Hellinger says that solutions can only be found if they are in harmony with the person’s soul.