Who is it suitable for


Art therapy is universal - it is suitable for all ages and every psycho-emotional state.

• For children of all ages - from the youngest (2-3 years) to adolescents. Art therapy is the easiest way for children to access and transform their inner world. The sessions are mostly based on practical exercises (creative tasks) that build up skills, develop motor abilities, increase their imagination, and support their social-emotional growth.

• For adults of all ages – no upper limit! There is art therapy even for patients who are bedridden - at home or in hospitals, art supports us to reconnect with our resources. Topics of all kinds can be explored through this creative approach.

• For social workers, child and clinical psychologists, resource teachers - in addition to their already established practice of working with people.

• For parents, couples, and families - as a tool for interaction and communication - we rarely have the opportunity to have it in our everyday life!

Art therapy is used in many different clinical and personal situations:

• Depression, low self-esteem, communication problems
• Sleeping problems (nightmares and insomnia)
• Difficult relationships (parent-child dyads, couples, etc.)
• Divorce and separation
• Adoption
• Recovery from injury, post-traumatic stress disorder (violence and abuse)
• In addition to a medical treatment with prolonged stay in a hospital
• Great support for children in the autistic spectrum
• Self-discovery

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