This questionnaire will help you to collect information that is important for working with the family constellation method. The facts and events that happened in your family are important, and the focus is NOT on personality traits or characteristics of the people represented.

The questions are valid for both your mother's family and your father's family. For a current family, the questions apply to you, your partner, your children (+ possible other pregnancies) and sometimes your previous partners.

• Early death:

-Did someone die at an age younger than 25 years old?
- Was anyone left orphan before 25 years of age.

Consider also stillborn children, as well as death at birth. Particularly important are diseases or death during or after birth, even if it happened several generations before.

• Suicides or suicide attempts?
• Crimes, especially murders?
• Has anyone been deceived or cheated, for example, about an inheritance?
• Serious fate or accidents?
• Has anyone been stigmatized or rejected from the family?
Excommunicated from a country?
• Illegal children or children, who have been abandoned?

- Adoption?

• Participation in war?
• Severe illness or disability? Mental illness?
• Addictions and other addictions?
• Sexual abuse?
• Parents of two nationalities? Emigrants? Why did they have to leave their native country?
• Did anyone of the parents have previous important relationships (married partners, fiancés, first loves?) Parallel relationships?

The questionnaire aims to prepare you for a constellation but does not address all of these questions at once. It is important, however, to know and to be able to talk about your family history.

­ You can try to collect facts without pressure anyone in the family to talk, if they are unwilling. Respect the things that need or want to remain veiled in the family history.