The Inner Creator


Meeting Your Inner Creator - a practical course for greater creativity and unfolding of your creative potential

The course consists of 9 consecutive sessions designed to remove the obstacles that block your creative energy.

We often want to increase our creative potential. Sometimes we find that we have creative energy, but we fail to manifest it fully. We have dreams to create, we want our life to be colorful and meaningful. We have wonderful ideas, we have a vision for creative projects, we often crave to do art, music, write or use our hands creatively. We crave for artful existence - for a job that inspires us, for a constructive business life, for a wholesome relationship with our children and family.

The recovery of our creative skills is a gradual spiritual process. Everyone carries their authentic creative expression, and we just need the right conditions to re-discover and support it to come more fully into our lives.

In this course, we will find the barriers that stand in the way of our creativity. We will gather the energy dissipated in problems and other outside situations, we will begin to resurrect our own art abilities.

Stop saying that it's "too late". That "you have no talent" or that "art cannot feed a family". Together we will learn to recognize, develop and support the Creator in ourselves, to jump over the limitations of our everyday life. In this course, we will experience an intense and long-awaited encounter with our inner creator - with the innermost and deep part of us, which is our essence, our birthright, our freedom.

Meetings are in small closed groups of 9 people.

Facilitator: Elitsa Velikova

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