Healing the inner child


Healing the Inner child - Primal Therapy

This process is offered in a package of ten consecutive sessions. We will go back in time from the age of 12 to conception, bring to awareness the conditioning formed in these first years and the layers of false personalities we had to acquire in order to adapt to the family environment. Old, locked emotions that affect our lives as adults will be released, creating a bridge back to our true self, so that it can find expression in new forms of creativity and relating. As we work through the issues of every stage of childhood, we regain some essential qualities - our natural intelligence, innocence, inspiration, courage, our ability to set healthy boundaries, our joy and laughter, the sense of inspiration in life, self-love, and etc. We will get in touch and discover our inner child, and that sets the foundation for better intimate relationships and for our opening to love.

Some of the approaches used include regression, guided meditations, breathing, gestalt, counseling, visualization, art therapy, journalling.

Facilitator: Elitsa Velikova
­If you want individual therapy for childhood trauma healing in a packet of 10 sessions, contact us!