Useful practices

Here we are inviting you to try out a small project with art therapy at home or in your professional work with people.

We will periodically change projects that allow us to explore, enjoy and play. All exercises are from my personal work with people or from popular art therapy practice.



Painting materials, best would be tempera paints (or dry pastels)
A few sheets of paper (at least A3 format)


1. Think about the love you are experiencing when you think of someone (your partner, child, parent, friend, inner child ...)

2. Let yourself draw freely, led by this feeling. It is good to spend at least 15 minutes for this stage, so that the drawing is not just a sketch, but an experience. Try not to fall for the idea ​​"how it will look", but let yourself be guided by the feeling and the simple pleasure of drawing without a goal. This will be your drawing # 1.

3. After completing the drawing, look at it and find out where in the picture you have depicted the strongest feeling of affection (may be a particular corner of your work, an image or color, there is no "right" or "wrong" answer) .

4. When you identified the place of "most love" in drawing # 1, start a new drawing # 2. Imagine it as if you're going deeper inside this place of love - like a telescope lens that zooms in. Allow yourself to draw what came to you by exploring this deeper place.

5. After completing the second drawing, you can proceed in the same way, identifying deeper places of love in you - until you can stop and say: "Yes, that's me, here I feel it".

­ Think of your final drawing and the situation in your life with the person who inspires you to feel the sense of love.

Have you been able to show them your love?

Can you live it in a practical way?

Can you expand with it?