The Method


The way to "re-create" the hidden family dynamics is as follows: one of the participants works with a specific topic, which is explored with the help of representatives in a group or individually (via symbols).

The facilitator interviews the client about important facts regarding the family system. The client then selects representatives for each person in the family who is included in the constellation from the people in the circle (without having to have acquainted them before), as well as a person for themselves. He then places the representatives according to his / her inner feeling in relation to each other.

There are a variety of ways for the representatives to be placed and selected. The facilitator usually has a sense of which might be most helpful. The method of choosing and placing representatives does not impact the outcome of the constellation, so each has benefit:

• The facilitator may encourage the client to choose and then place the representatives.
• The facilitator may place the representatives on behalf of the client.
• The facilitator may ask those who are present if anyone has a sense they are “invited” to represent any particular family member, and may encourage the representatives to tune into their felt sense of where it is that representative stands, and to find their own place in the constellation.

The representatives stand and move in response to an inner knowing and demonstrate a spatial relationship that reveals a hidden dynamic in the family system.
At times representatives make statements regarding specific aspects in a relationship that may not have been previously known to the client. Confirming and helpful information is often intuitively known to the person who is representing a family member.

Throughout the constellation, the facilitator supports the movements, the representatives and the client to reveal what is necessary to witness to encourage not just a paradigm shift, but a new way of living, a new way of experiencing relationships, love, and the future.