What is a family constellation?


Family Constellation is easy to describe: A straightforward method for increasing the flow of love in the family system.

The method was created by a German therapist, Bart Hellinger, as a result of his observations of indigenous South African tribes, where he served as a priest. He noticed that in the tribe, family relationships followed an internal order based on intergenerational interaction and the collective field. The individual behavior, feelings, and attitudes are considered and understood in the context of the larger group, as each person is part of a family and assumes certain roles in the family structure. Hellinger gradually developed the systemic therapy work that reveals how the fates of our previous family members influence those who come later.
Every member of the family, including those who have departed through death, abortion or difficult faith, is energetically present and influences the others around him/her. Likewise, emotions or situations that are not dealt with by people in the family can be taken up by those who come later in the system (children and grandchildren).

There is a certain family conscience that preserves the balance of the family system. When the orders of this conscience are ignored, love is being hurt and people in the family, usually children, are under the pressure of the system to compensate for the imbalance. Then they take on many symptoms, adopt certain behaviours or even repeat a destiny that is not their own.

Family Constellation has become a reliable intervention when people are “stuck” or when they have pain in their lives with anxieties, problems, and barriers that seem somehow not to be of their own making.
Through Family Constellations we are able to watch family entanglements unravel by observing representatives who stand for members of the family system with the support of an experienced facilitator.
Nowadays, the method has become known as “movements of the soul”.