How does it work


Expressive art therapy uses the creative process and the creative product for therapeutic purposes. Traditional methods of psychotherapy and counseling are used, such as sharing, research, feedback, as well as non-verbal ways of expression through various art modalities: drawing, sculpting, music, movement, theater, poetry. Art therapy is a process that includes the qualities of authenticity, wholeness, beauty, and playfulness. It’s a means to explore, to find meaning, to have concrete material with which to contemplate.

We use imagination as a way to find alternative solutions, to go “away” from our topics, so when we return, to see the issue with new understanding. Art helps us to step where we have not dared to go before in a careful, gentle and resource-oriented way. If we feel isolated, detached from ourselves and unable to cope with a life situation, expressive arts therapy provides a safe framework for both children and adults alike, to explore, research and find new ways of being; we are changing along with the process of creation.

Including the whole body, all the senses and tapping into the creative resources in us, expressive arts therapy supports our natural ability to take steps towards recovery and make the necessary changes in our lives.