How to make a constellation


Family constellation can be done in a group and individually. Some people prefer personal session because they are not ready to reveal themselves in front of a group. Much can be achieved in an individual format (using figures and table symbols). But the strength and impact of the collective field are incomparably greater when participating in a group.

Family constellations can be experienced in three ways:

1. One way is simply to attend, watching the constellations of other participants. It is important to know that we are never quite just an observer when we are in a constellation group. What's happening in other people’s constellations always affects all present, and there is always something that we all can gain towards more understanding, acceptance, and love.

2. The second way to get involved is by participating as a representative in the constellation of another participant. The roles for which you are chosen are in many ways related to you and the experience of standing for somebody else will undoubtedly expand your view of yourself and of the possibilities of the method itself. Sometimes your experience in a role can be extremely intense and transforming, stronger than when you do your own constellation, because you are open to do service to another person and you are not under pressure to achieve anything, as it is the case when you look at a personal issue in a constellation.

3. The third way is by doing your own constellation. It is important you have a clear topic and you are in tune with what the fields wants to reveal.

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