Vinyasa Yoga with Love Popova

every Tuesday and Thursday from 8.00 to 9.00 and Saturday at 18.00 to 19.00.

Vinyasa (Vin-Ya-Sa) in translation is "The breath merges with the movement."

Vinyasa yoga combines a series of asanas performed with the power of breathing and exhalements. Like all yoga styles, vignetal affects positively the physical and mental state of man. Through the merging of breath movements, our thoughts calm down, the body moves smoothly from one asana to another, and the sensation resembles a harmonic dance that explains the flow to the name.

Regular activities with Vinyasa Yoga develop strength, flexibility and endurance in the body, help reduce stress levels in everyday life, improve concentration ability. Conscious breathing loads the body with more oxygen and has a positive effect on mood.

Take your time and attention to feel good in your body!

More about the leading Love Popova can read on her website:

­ Without pre-recording. Entrance fee: 8 leva