Individual sessions


An individual session with a psychologist allows you to look at any issues that cause confusion or disharmony in your life. This form of counseling uses a holistic approach to therapy, helping to reach to an awareness of the answers that come from within, without giving ready-made formulas.

Methods such as family constellations, childhood trauma therapy, practical exercises for awareness and resource-oriented approaches are used. You can get a deeper understanding of the roots of your problem, and gain more clarity. By integrating this understanding, healing takes place.

This kind of session does not emphasize the need to change or "fix" something, but rather to bring awareness, love, and acceptance of the situation that has been created. The goal is to learn to apply these new understandings into our daily life, which will allow us to meet each event with more peace and strength.

You can take a session for any topics of personal and professional nature: health, finances, personal relationships, as well as help for your children and relatives.

The individual session is approximately 1 hour. More than one appointment is often needed.

Sessions are guided by: Elitsa Velikova- psychologist, psychotherapist

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