Art therapy


What is art therapy

Expressive art therapy combines all of the arts – applied, visual and digital, music, theater, movement/dance, fairy tales, poetry.

Creativity and healing are rooted in the same movement towards balance, they each strive to be in tune with the flow of life, in connection with the environment, to find meaning, to increase the life energy. Transformation is inherent in both therapy and the creative process. Both require trust, risk, courage, love, hope, faith, sensory and emotional expression. The arts offer an indispensable space of freedom, pleasure, safety, relaxation and sincerity in which we can shape and explore our topics and problems, the familiar and the unknown, and increase our awareness.

The use of the arts is not intended to create an aesthetic product but to support people in their expression, to help them live with what is, to overcome difficulties and transform themselves, to shape and make sense of their world, to be with others.

Expressive arts therapy uses phenomenological approach – it works with whatever unfolds in a session, gives emotional freedom and supports the coping mechanisms of individuals. It uses the art product (a painting, a dance, a theatre act, a text, etc.) to give a possibility to look at a topic from a distance, and at the same time serves as a “container” for the emotional process supporting a transformation. This is an approach accustomed to the individual needs of each client, activating their resources and using low-skills but high sensitivity to bring awareness.

No previous experience is required. One might gain some artistic skills in the process of art therapy, but does not need to have any skills. The art process is used as a reflection.