Elitsa Velikova - psychologist and art therapist, facilitator of family constellations, lecturer.

Elitsa Velikova has a Master’s degree in Expressive Art Therapy ( European Graduate School, Saas - Fe, Switzerland), and a bachelor's degree in psychology from the American University of London, UK. She is a university lecturer at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Art Therapy Program, and a facilitator of seminars, trainings and experiential groups. She has specialized in a wide range of psychological methods of work, such as childhood trauma healing, counseling, family therapy, self-awareness groups, and meditations. She has been facilitating courses in a number of countries and working with adults, children, couples and families individually and in groups for more than 10 years.

tel. (+359) 888885306

Aglika Moskovska - play and art therapy for children; leader of Theatre prep group for young actors

SAglika has graduated the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts "Krastyo Sarafov", Acting for Drama Theater, specialization - Acting for Cinema. She leads classes for children, parents' cooperatives, she is a play director and theater facilitator in schools, she has also been an assistant in children's television commercials, author of performances. At present, she combines her artistic skills with her new knowledge of the therapeutic work with children and successfully applies the methods of expressive art therapy, drama therapy, play therapy, fairy tales and music in her work with children.

Emilia Milosheva

- psychologist and art therapist, facilitator of the "Treasure Island" art therapy workshop for children

Emilia Milosheva is a graduate psychologist with a specialization in Art Therapy at the New Bulgarian University. Her experience is mostly as an art therapist for children, working with trauma and children with special needs - generalized developmental disorders, etc. Author of articles, researcher, and therapist.
­Tel.. +359 887613690