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Healing the inner child with art therapy - a 10-week online course

Healing the inner child through art therapy - a 10-week online course

Wherever you are!

All you need is an internet connection and your own mobile art therapy space - you can be outside, at home, in the garden or in nature :-)

Are you longing for something more in your life?

Do you feel limited in your capacity to live fully?

Can you express yourself in a creative, emotional, intimate way?

Are you happy?


Find a new path in your life and inner freedom!

Open to love and creativity in all aspects of your life!

Support your inner child!


You can give as much time as you want

No special painting skills required!

Sign up for this virtual trip and change your life!

Even if you can not participate on a regular basis, the materials, the projects and all the ideas

remain with you and you can complete them at any time convenient for you.

You get all the projects by email. There is also a closed Facebook support group, where you can share 24/7.



What is this therapeutic process about

The 10 - weeks art therapy process is a process that dives deep into the various experiences of our childhood in a gentle, delicate and creative way.

This process offers ten consecutive art therapy sessions in which we clean many of the conditionings that acquired during the childhood and all the roles that we have adopted at that time in order to adapt to the family environment.

Old, locked emotions that affect our lives as adults will be released by the art therapy process. During the process we will create a bridge back to our real Self, so that it can find expression in new forms of creativity and bring greater maturity. By transforming the developmental traumas from childhood, we bring back basic essential qualities - our natural intelligence, innocence, inspiration, courage, our ability to set healthy limits, joy and laughter, the sense of direction in life, self love, and so on. We will connect and reconcile with our inner child, which will help us set the foundations for better intimate relationships and help us to open to love.

Some of the approaches we will use include diary writing, meditations, use of all visual arts and different creative approaches.


How will the course happen?

Each week you will receive several worksheets by email with several tasks for reflection, creative prompts and exercises for exploration.

There will be a closed group on facebook, where anyone who wants can publish their works and share, ask questions. We will share music, insights and find mutual support in the process of transformation.

If you miss one of the weeks, you can always catch up! Once you are part of the group, all materials remain yours for unlimited time.

This is not a traditional art course and is not meant to develop skills, only awareness.

The process can not replace individual, but can give insights that can then be the basis for further work if needed.



Who is the course for?

This 10-week course is for you if you want to:

Open up for more love and joy

Feel that you are manifesting your potential

Remove blockages and fears that stand in the way of your expression

Make a connection with your inner child, which is your creative energy, your essence

Cure memories, experiences, and emotional wounds from childhood in a gentle way

Accumulate new insights for yourself, strength and inspiration



What will you get:

10 weeks of exercises with art therapy projects

Tasks for Self exploration on topics related to the inner child

Sharing and feedback, guidelines and recommendations in a virtual closed group


Gift 1: Technique How to invite a positive change in our lives

Gift 2: Project How to support the positive change we have begun

Gift 3: Meditation - How to get support from the family system and turn the experience from the past into something good


1- Meeting the Inner Child

2- Recognizing Negative Programs

3- Understanding the Inner Child

4- Mother

5- Father

6- Freedom

7 - Gain your power

8 - Boundaries

9 - New beginning

10 - Integration and completion


In the therapeutic framework you will receive:

My Therapeutic Framework includes exercises that follow 6 principles of

emotional processing: 1. Recognizing the emotional affection; 2. Emotional

expression; 3. Regulation; 4. Awareness; 5. Transformation; 6.Creating a

corrective action / experience

Terms for participation :

Registration fee: BGN 99, paid once before the start of the course

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Fasilitator: Elitsa Velikova - psychologist, lecturer, art therapist
Elitsa Velikova is a lecturer at New Bulgarian University, Sofia and a psychotherapist at the Arts and Therapy Institute, Sofia. She has a Masters degree in Expressive art therapy at European Graduate School, Saas-Fe, Switzerland and Bachelor's degree in Psychology at American University of London, UK. She works as a therapist with children, adults and groups from 2004. both in Bulgaria and in other countries around the world.