Business Constellations


Organizational (business) constellations are a new and very effective method of identifying and showing the underlying causes of organizational problems. It is faster and more efficient than many of the common practices for business coaching that exist on the market.

Constellations can be applied to practically every type of organizational problems, and can be used for:

• Improving leadership and finding management solutions
• Improving team work, cooperation and communication
• Finding solutions to issues such as high rates of absence from work, low productivity or improper workplace relationships
• bringing advice for reorganization topics, and for complex problems during mergers between large and small companies
• Improving customer-product relationships and solving the roots of problematic marketing issues such as customer dissatisfaction and loyalty, slow product distribution, and customer base definition
• Planning and obtaining career development advice in addition to existing coaching.

Today, organizational constellations have emerged as an independent tool for advice in launching positive changes in companies and organizations. The method is ideal as complementary to the traditional set of organizational and business consulting services.

business constellations are also an ideal tools for counseling and tracking the balance and success of the company. The client does not need to be present when consultants, counselors, or coach professionals use constellations. The insights and solutions that appear in the constellations can easily be perceived and integrated into the company's advice and the coaching toolbox.

Business constellation can be done in an individual or group format.

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