Pedagogy of Love


Pedagogy of Love

Family Constellation Course for Parents and Teachers
How to raise your child according to the orders of love
Monthly evening events inspired by Hellinger's family constellation approach to raising children

A series of evening seminars - 18.30 - 21.00. once a month
Facilitator: Elitsa Velikova

Each event includes themes from the theory of family constellations and practical exercises on the subjects of education, family, useful parental practices, schooling. The events include guided meditations, mini constellations, demonstrations, sharing, questions and answers.
If you missed a topic, there is a video recording that can be purchased.
The events are facilitated by Elitsa Velikova - a psychotherapist, a lecturer at the New Bulgarian University, psychologist and facilitator of workshops.

Topics covered in the course:

Laws for success for children
Everything starts with the attitude towards our mother. The consequences of an interrupted movement. When there is a problem/ sickness/anger. Why children don’t want to study? How to create love in growing circles.

Being sick: the blind love of a child
What is the most important relationship in our soul that leads to illness? It is blind love, the love that binds us to our family and destiny. The symptoms of children’s sicknesses - their way to belong; being sick as a form of loyalty. How to help your children heal themselves?

From Fear to Love
How to deal with childhood fears?

You can order a record of each of these themes! Live lectures

Children and parents - the main orders of love
The family as a spiritual field; resonance with the whole. The right places. The "difficult" child - entanglements in the system. What makes a parent "good"? Orders that support the flow of love in families. To Whom did we look as children? To whom did our parents look as children?

Exercises and meditations for balance.

A Couple’s Happiness
Balance between partners. The right places. The order of love. Is happiness in the relationship possible, if our parents were unhappy? What to do if there is a divorce. The beginning of love - our parents.

Our Mother

Everything starts with the attitude towards our mother. The relationship with our mother and its influence on our partnerships later in life. The consequences of an interrupted movement. What is a "good" mother? Mothers and daughters, mothers and sons. Reconciliation with the past. How to receive Life as a gift.

Our Father

What does the energy of our father represent in our lives? The missing fathers. Fathers and Daughters - The Right dynamics. Fathers and sons, the tribe. The relationship with our father supports the energy needed to have a career, determination, maturity. Our relationship with our father and its influence on our partnerships later in life.

Difficult children

What are the circumstances in a family system that affect our children? The behavior of our children is just a symptom! Blind love. How to deal with the anger of children. The right boundaries. Punishment or forgiveness? All children are good - and so are their parents.


What is Systemic pedagogy. The place of teachers in the life of the child and the family. Children with special educational needs. Children with speech problems. The dynamics in teacher-parent-child relationships. Is there a good practice for schooling?

The roots of love in families

How to support our children. The right place. Belonging and order. Boundaries and distance, freedom and closeness, the healthy exchange in relationships. How does being loyal to our ancestors manifest in our lives? The collective conscience. The gift from our ancestors. What does it mean to be in tune with the Spiri-Mind?

Facilitator: Elitsa Velikova

For ordering a recording or for inquiries:
Fee: 30 leva per lecture per recording
For 5 topics, prepaid by bank transfer - 120 leva.