Art therapy for children


Every Monday from 17.30 to 19.0h0 - CREATIVE SPACE
"Treasure Island" - art therapy for children from 7 to 11 years of age
Art therapy program oriented to children’s personal development and resources

• soft and ecological approach.
• non-standard solutions through creative play.
• helping your child relax from the stress and anxiety during the school year through art processes
• professional guidance and feedback to parents

Our focus is on the development of the personality through art. Therefore, the child does not need to haves any special skills to do art.

For whom are these activities?

• For children between 7 and 11 years of age.
• For children who need to release psychological stress or resolve inner difficulties through creativity.
• For children who would benefit from playful and creative methods to develop their emotional stability and positive self-esteem.

The groupcan only take up to 8 children!

What does the program include?

• Art therapy projects tailored to the age and themes that children face in the work process.
• Visual arts (painting, sculpting, collage), music therapy and expressive art therapy.
• Many games for warms-up and exploration, team building, expression of feelings, to develop focus, etc..

Here are some topics that can be suggested for exploration:

• Myself and others - Boundaries and Collaboration
• Superheroes and Villains – the good and the bad
• The fairytale world of feelings and emotions
• The magic box of my happiness
• Co-creation
• Growth

What does each workshop include?

• individual and teamwork
• bodywork to release emotional tension through play
• co-creation process (mutual projects)
• Reflections corresponding to the age of the child

Besides, kids will have fun together …


• Recognize and experience their creative energy;
• Develop their imagination;
• Make new friends and overcome difficulties;
• Explain constructively their feelings and emotions;
• Get familiar with texts, characters, stories, and the lessons learned from them;
• Receive support in a creative environment by a professional to realize their capabilities and goals;
• Experience the power and support in a group to gain trust and confidence
• They will have a place to be simply themselves!


Every Monday from 17:30 to 19:00h.
Fee for a one-time visit: BGN 15
Monthly fee: 50 BGN

Facilitator: Emilia Milosheva, psychologist, art therapist
Sign up in advance by phone or email!

Tel: 0887613690

­ Give your child an opportunity to find the treasures within!